One Peace Project
Mary and Corrine participate in the "In One Peace" Project in which Myofascial Release Therapy is donated to veterans returning from conflicts overseas and recoverning from trauma. If you are a veteran or if you know a veteran who may benefit from MFR, please contact Mary Loveless for free therapy.

Calendar of Available Dates:
                    - Call for free appointment availability
Note: other dates can have availability for appointments for veterans.
Those dates simply have time slots set aside for the In One Peace Project.


EASTSIDE PT & Body Restoration

Please feel free to call or email with any questions or to make an appointment.

In One Peace Project

In One Peace Project

What is required of me to receive free services from the In One Peace Project?
To Qualify to participate in once per month free clinics for JFB Myofascial Release sessions,
 you must be a returning service person from the current conflicts and suffering effects of trauma and/or head injury. You must obtain and read the book WAKING THE TIGER by Peter Levine prior to beginning services.