After 12 surgeries and two total knee replacement with many compilations I asked Mary at the Back In Motion Integrated Therapy to see what she could do to help relieve the pain.  My pain was unbearable even with pain medications. Mary spent about 1 and 1/2 hours on our first session and the pain was reduced to a manageable level. I still take medications but I use a lot less then before seeing Mary. Pain Medications are very expensive for me to get and the cost of the first session was repaid in less then two weeks of not taking as many pills. Thank You Mary.

Kathy R. 

I've been a patient of Mary's for approximately two years. She has recently been to Myofascial Release Classes taught by John F. Barns in AZ. I have really benefited from these classes. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about eight years ago and have been going through physical therapy and tried many different medicines throughout the years with no real relief. But after our initial consolation Mary assesed the problem as stress points in the myofascial tissue. Each time I visited with Mary for a treatment session she used a techniques called Myofascial Release. This was a very gentle technique, more like a massage than what I imagined. Fibromyalgia is a very painful disease that is also painful to the touch. Mary's hands were like magic, even though I was in pain (3-5 on a scale of 1-10)  I could work through it with the encouragement I was given. I have experienced very positive long term results as a result of Myofascial Release.

Mary is very professional , kind and knowledgeable. Her goal is to help me regain mobility, reduce my pain, and return me to good health. She has given me very simple  self treatments  that help me remain pain free between our visits. I am now pain free and understand how to remain there using self treatments. I recommend Mary without reservation.

Jerry D.

I tried Craniosacral Therapy with Mary from Back In Motion Integrative Therapy, to treat Migraines which I have had for years. This is a very different approach, but was also very beneficial to me. My migraines have gone from 1 to 2 a month to only 1 sense my first session over 2 months ago. Mary is a Miracle worker and I would recommend her to anyone.

Karen S.

When I was young I fell while roller skating and compressed two vertebrae in my neck. I've lived with neck and back pain for most of my life. I've had CT Scan's which showed the compressed vertebrae. I was sent to the Shriner's Hospital in Spokane, WA  and they said nothing was wrong and nothing they could do. I went to a Chiropractor for years with no long lasting relief. I've been given medicines every time I go see a Doctor for help, yes they give me x-rays and always tell me nothing is wrong (that it's a mental issue). Even though I don't hurt all the time I still hurt a lot of the time. 

I went to Back In Motion Integrated Therapy and met with Mary Loveless. She started working on my stomach even though I wasn't hurting there. I asked her why she was working on my stomach when it was my neck that was hurting? She informed me that she was working on releasing the Myofascial tissue throughout my body, and that everything goes through the stomach. Not knowing anything about the Myofascial tissue I decided to let her do her thing and see what happens. After finishing with Mary I was very dizzy for a  little while and had to just lay there to get my wits about me. I really didn't see a big difference except that I felt though I was dragged through the mud for a mile or so.  The next day I felt wonderful and have been feeling better and pain free for better then six months. I still go and get worked on by Mary from time to time, but with the self treatments she recommended for me I feel great. I also feel that with periodic visits with Mary and doing my self treatments that I can live virtually pain free. 

I hope that other's that read this will take a leap of faith and go see Mary, It will change your life.


I've been living with back and neck pain for most of my life, but after seeing Mary at the Back In Motion I'm living virtually pain free. I feel good enough to go hunting for the first time in years. I've been able to go back to work with just a few restrictions. This is the most amazing therapy that I have ever had in my life. I just wish I could have found it 20 years ago and not lived in pain all those years.

   John J.

In 1978, I had some bridge work done and thats when all my problems began. My jaw became twisted and the dentist refused to take it out. I had difficulty chewing, yawning and my body became twisted. The Doctors took X-rays but couldn't find anything wrong with me and said that it was in my head. I went to Physical Therapy, but nothing changed. Nobody could find what I was feeling, and what I was talking about. Until I moved to Great Falls, Mt. I had a radical mastectomy and that was when I met Mary Loveless my therapist that treated me. She found the twist that I was talking about. She could feel the myofascial restriction's that was pulling me out of alignment. Even after having a radical mastectomy and having to deal with the newest restrictions applied on top of it all. I feel better today than I have in a long time. I am so grateful to you Mary.